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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 12, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a nation remembers. >> ten years ago, americans woke to a changed world. how millions paid tribute on the solemn anniversary of 9/11. and terror threat. jets were scrambled and airports shut down. and in her own words. the historical preview of jacqueline kennedy. a preview of diane sawyer's special. and good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero. the new world trade center memorial opens in just a few hours. >> families gathered yesterday to mark the day ten years agogo when they're lives were changed
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forever. abc's scott goldberg joins us with more. >> reporter: the day will look a lot like the last couple of days. the stepped up price presence continues. officials say even though the day has passed, the threat of an attack still continues even though september 11th has passed. from dusk until dawn this morning, two columns of light filled the space where the twin towers of the world trade center used to stand. one last tribute. on the ground in new york and in the nation's capitol, a more jarring observation. the stepped up security will continue for at least another day as officials keep investigating what they call a credible but unconfirmed threat from al qaeda. ♪ where were you when the world stopped turning that september day ♪ >> reporter: around the country
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all weekend, ceremonies tried to offer perspective. at the kennedy center, a concert for hope. >> decades from now, americans will visit the memorials. they will know that nothing with break the will of a truly united states of america. [ bell tolling ] >> reporter: earlier, moments of silence at the exact time that the planes hit the buildings and crashed in pennsylvania and also when the towers fell. water falls filling the fo footprint of the towers. names etched in bronze. >> i wish my dad had been there to teach me how to drive, ask a girl out on a date. i hope that i can make my father proud of the young men my brother and i have become. i miss you so much, dad.
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♪ it's the sound of silence >> reporter: and that tribute and light at ground zero can be seen as far as 50 miles away. teams used two groups of 44 search lights to make the columns. you'll be able to see them until the sun comes up.. >> you mentioned that the national memorial and museum opens today. how tight will security be? >> reporter: it will be very tight when the memorial opens at 10:00 today. thousands of people will be lined up to get in. it's free to get in. but you have to reserve a pass online. most of today's time slots have been already taken. >> thanks, scott. in related news now, a former new york city police officer was detained at kansas city's main airport after
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suspicious items were found in his luggage. he was in the custody of airport security. disrupted f fghts resumed once bomb-sniffing dogs went over the airport. more than po 0 people have been questioned and let go after the security concerns last week. >> there's no evidence that a plot exists. brian ross has more. >> reporter: u.s. if i recalls tell abc news that there is no hard evidence that the vehicle bomb plot is reel. even so, security remains heavy and will remain heavy thank you monday in both new york and washington. with the security has coco security jits. on sunday, an american flight, number 34, had f-16 fighter jets escort it for the that's 100
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miles into the airport. a federal air marshall was concerned about the activities of three men going back and forth to the bathroom. >> they said, we need everyone to remain seated. do not get up. >> i was sitting at the window. >> reporter: in the end, everyone was released an sent on their way. and in japan, september 11th was a solemn day. it was the sixth-month anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. the japanese red cross society estimates 400,000 people were displaced. repairing the damage will take years. in texas now, the worst wild fire in state history h h destroyed more than 1500 homes. 17 people are still missing. donations are pouring in. some people may be able to return home today.
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they don't know what exactly they'll return to. the fire is still burning and is about 50% contained. 7 of 10 missing oil workers were found alive, including two americans. two bodies were found and one person is still missing. the group was orking on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. they've been air-lifted to ciud ciudad. last may, nearly one-third of joplin, missouri, was wiped out by a tornado. amazingly, the stadium survived. >> the eagles fell to the visiting team. the game was a triumph for the city and the spirit of its people. >> a lot of nothing but winners in joplin, missouri. far look at your weather around the country, rivers along the east coast continue to
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recede after last week's beg storms. pop-up showers in florida from orlando to miami. and thunderstorms around the see rare ra range, las vegas, and much of the rockies. 12k3w4r9 0 in boise. 76 in albuquerque. 76 here in new york. 81 in baltimore. new orleans, 81. coming up after the break, what jacqueline kennedy said about her husband's successor and martin luther king jr. then, is a merger deal in the works between aol and yahoo! and the happy surprise one military family got yesterday at and the happy surprise one mil[ male announcer ] you loveat the taste of 2% milk.
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welcome back. worries about greece's economy and france's credit ratings are dragging down overseas markets today. tokyo's nikkei average lost more than 2%. hong kong's hang seng lost 4%. on wall street, the dow lost 248 points last week. the nasdaq index lost 12 points. the white house says president obama will send his jobs bill to congress today. it aims to jump-start the economy through tax cuts and
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infrastructure spending. he balance to tour the country looking for support. aol and yahoo! may be talking about a big merger. they're trying to find out if if search engine is interested in joining up. both companies are struggling to keep up with google and facebook. remember too big to fail? there are worries that that's what capital one will be in it buys ing. the federal reserve is investigating if they could become so big it would threaten the nation's entire financial system. movie goers were catching something this weekend. "contagion" had $23 million in resets. the help and warrior finished second and third. when we come back, the beloved cartoon dharkt may be
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and in you're flying, delays possible in las vegas, phoenix, and salt like city. this week, we get an extraordinary glimpse inside cam lot from its queen, jacqueline kennedy. >> diane sawyer has heard the tapes. >> reporter: the audio tapes. 8 1/2 hours of them recorded just four months after her husband's assassination. at her request, sealed until after her death. when the tapes begin to roll, we meet the real woman behind the otographs. she's perceptive, irreverent, and startlingly direct. and analytical about the people making history at the time. there are caustic remarks about
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linden ba lyndon baines, johnson. her daughter, care line, put the full oral history tapes into a new book. think people will read what she said about lyndon johnson and go oh, my body to. >> it's funny. she was fond of him and found him amusing and warm-hearted. i hope people will listen to them and figure out what else is going into what is said. i think this is very much, a moment in time. >> reporter: and so from the kennedy library, where the take place have been sealed since 1964, this coming tuesday night, they'll finally begin to roll. we hear the ice in her glass. the sound of match striking to light her cigarette. in her voice, she tells her story. the witness to history, who made history herself. she fell in love with man 13
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years her senior, found her voice, and ended up writing a love story and chant for america. >> you can watch diane's exclusive tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. andy whitfield, the star of cable tv's spartacus has died. he was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma. he was a virtual unknown. he was 39 years old when he australia.rday in siny, spongebob squarepaints may seem like a nice guy. children who watched a show or drew pictures for nine minutes did much better on mental function tests than hose who watches the show for nine minutes. serena williams could face
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disciplinary action after losing the u.s. open. she yelled come on to celebrate a shot. but the play wasn't finished. the umpire called interference. williams ripped into the umpire who called her on that and several other choice words. williams could be blocked from next year's tournament. staying with spots, for the top highlights, here's adnan virk at espn news. >> good morning. on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks against america, the sports world paying tribute and respects those whose lives were lost. cowboys against the jets. former president george w. bush. joe mcknight blocks the punt. it's recovered an run into the end zone. under a minute left, romo, intercepted by one of the best
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corners in football. that would be darrelle revis. nick folk out to kick the game-winner. crank up the folk music. the jets win a wild one, 27-24. opening the season with a victory. joe flacco and the ravens taking on the old nememis, the steelers. flacco to ray rice. 21-7, battle or. first play from scrimmage in the second half. mendenhall coughs it up. one of seven turnovers by the steelers. on the next play, flacco, play action. ed dixon. 18-yard touchdown. the most lopsided victory in this rivalry dating back to '96. the ravens take it, 35-7. cam newton in his die bu. panters down by seven.
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fourth and five. short of the first down. cards win. newton, over 400 yards passing and three touchdowns overall. you're up to date for now. for all the latest highlights, join us for the highlight express on espn news. football fans were cheering louder than normal at the tap pa day game. a soldier said hi to his family on the jumbotron. he came down the steps and surprised his wife. >> wonderful story. we love those. up next, the stories we're following. president obama sending his jobs bill to congress. to what the republicans will say about it at tonight's next presidential debate. tends to stay in motion.bon
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it's that simple. [ male announcer ] apply online or at a bank of america near you. we're talking 3% back on gas. and now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. the world trade center memorial opens to the general public today, after family members had a private v vwing sunday.
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the memorial is by ticket only and is sold out for the next few months. the president is trying to drum up more support for his jobs bill. hooil appear in the rose garden today the appeal to lawmakers to pass the proposal. the republicans vie ing yin the white house are facing off for a debate. decided by the end of the month. the state will likely follow the first four races and play a pivotal role. 2010 u.s. open champion will face novak djokovic again tonight. he's 5-0 against nadal. >> should be good. >> it should. for everyone else, we'll be back for a visit to the top of the new world trade center. nt c. we all want a world with fewer chemicals.
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and finally from us this morning, the new world trade center opens to the public today for the first time since the terror attacks ten years ago. >> the 16-acre site is a memorial to the lives lost that day. but also now a celebration of
4:28 am
america's claim on the future. abc's dan harris pays a visit. >> reporter: in the days after 9/11 when ground zero was a pile of smoelderring steel, i saw the pull that this play exerted on americans. >> there's though words to describe it. it's just -- all those people, you know? it's real. real tragic. [ bell tolling ] >> reporter: for most of the intervening decade, it's been a hole in the ground. as the world saw, the september 11th memorial is finally finished. inside the exact footprints of the towers, two of the largest man maid watat falls on earth. and to the side, one world trade center. we're very high up. >> we're very high up. >> reporter: it's incredible. 81 stories are up. it will ultimately be 104 stories at a symbolic 1776 feet.
4:29 am
what you realize is this is not just a building. not just a construction job. this is new yorkers reoccupying, retaking the skies. unlike the twin towers, this build willing have a core made out of concrete that is seven-times stronger than the concrete in a sidewalk. is it safe enough that you would go there and work every day? >> absolutely. >> reporter: right after 9/11, the mantra was never forget. but moving on, some say is a form of tribute, too. the people behind the new ground zero say they have struck the right balance between rebuilding and remembering. dan harris, c news, new york. >> what a symbol that is for the country. >> certainly inspiring for sure.


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